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With IT security at a heightened state recently by Russian threats of attacks on infrastructure and US based companies, we have gone through and done full security audits of all our customers firewalls and externally facing hardware.  This includes:

  • Auditing all firewall rules to make sure they are secure for the business needs and conform to modern security practices.
  • Updating Firewall and Access Point Firmware where needed.
  • Active check for the “Cyclops Blink” Malware.
  • Making a backup of their current firewall configuration.
  • Enacting “geolocation” filtering to block access to countries that are not needed.  Connections will be locked down to US access only unless there is a business use case to have it available to the entire world.
  • Updating all externally facing software on WebGuy’s core servers.
  • Encouraging customers to switch their user base to two-factor authentication and offering training where needed.

These are the minimum efforts that we can do to ensure secure connection for all of our customers and an unwavering commitment to keep our clients safe and running at their full potential.