January 2023 Invoice Changes and Rate Changes

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Updated Invoice Look and Functionality: We have a little Christmas Gift for all our customers this New Year. We’ve been working hard to make Billing and Invoicing easier for our customers and especially those paying with a Credit Card. We’ve completely redesigned our Invoices and time tracking system to make bill paying a simple click and go process easier which will rollout on January 1st with the new fiscal year. Look out for our new designs!

@webguyinternet.com email addresses: From our simple beginnings, 28 years ago, we have always offered a basic email service for personal users that was attached to our main domain name, but as of June 1, 2023 we will be ending that service and closing down those email accounts. We are giving a 6-month advance notice to all those users to either purchase a registered domain for themselves (which we are happy to host for you at no additional cost) or move to a different email service. This only affects about 7–8 users and we have tried to work around these accounts for many years, but the simple reality is that they just don’t pay for themselves, and we have other bigger plans for our main domain in the works. We’re happy to work with all our users to help them transition to a dedicated domain name or help them plan for the move, but unfortunately the time has come for this service to be sunset.

Price Increases: Oh, how we don’t want to do this, but Inflation and rising costs have caught up with us. Across the board, all our expenses have increased from insurance, rent, utilities and datacenter by over 12%. So, when we announce a 5% price increase, please realize that we are already absorbing a lot of costs internally and reducing costs where possible already. Effective January 1, many of our services will increase to help us offset some of these new expenses.  This rate change includes IT services and Co-lo services.  A new price sheet is attached to this email.

End of Paper Invoices: Yep, the end is here. Beginning January 1, 2023 we will no longer be sending out mailed Invoices. All Invoices will be electronic only. 5 years ago, I could not make this announcement, but over the years we have migrated 99% of our customer base to
electronic invoicing and the rest will happen this month. We could say we’re going GREEN, but the reality is that I just don’t want to lick another envelope.

Parking Reservations: If your one of our canyon customers and you need our services on the mornings where parking reservations are required, please remember that you need to provide some way for us to park our vehicle in a legal manner.

We LOVE our customers. They are AWESOME! Thank You for believing in us as we look forward to offering the best services and hardware that we can in the coming year.

Merry Christ-mas and happy New Year!