Intermountain Wind & Solar is the leading solar panel company in the Intermountain West, serving Utah, Nevada, Wyoming, Idaho and Oregon homes and businesses.

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Working with IWS since 2015, we’ve helped them build their IT infrastructure from the ground up. We’ve created their base infrastructure including Active Directory, local shared storage, networking, employee devices, as well as implemented custom software to fulfill their business needs. Webguy has also created and guided Intermountain Wind & Solar with network diagrams, camera systems, and servers for their new building, making sure their transition is as smooth as possible.


CLIENT: Intermountain Wind and Solar

DATE: October, 2021

ONLINE: https://imwindandsolar.com/

  • Full Building Wire for Phones, WiFi and Computers
  • Provide minimal downtime during a phased move-in process
  • Move servers and associated equipment with help from VPN's
Portfolio Category: Network Design